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60% of small businesses get hacked.
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Network Cyber Defense for businesses small & large

Two-thirds of data breaches go undetected for months or longer.


Cigent for Networks deploys in literally minutes on most networks. Our seasoned staff will work with you to assure that deployment is painless and rapid.


From the moment it is plugged in, Cigent for Networks begins detecting and blocking cyber attacks, malware beacons, dark web communications and other risky network traffic.


We undertstand budgets are tight, and that every business from Entreprenuer to Enterprise needs cyber protection. Cigent for Networks provides an impressive array of capabilities, once only available to the largest of enterprises, at a price point that everyone can afford.

CyberThreat Assessment

Understanding your 
cyber threats is the first step in defending against them.

Advanced cyber threats take advanced technology to sniff out, detect and respond to. The Cigent for Networks platform combines these advanced technologies in a package that is literally “plug and protect”. Our on premise CyberThreat sensor combines Network Deception, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Network Security Monitoring, Network Forensics, Threat Intelligence and Threat Hunting all pre-configured into a single package, designed to work seamlessly with our cloud based operations center to deliver real time threat intelligence, threat sharing and threat relevance.

By placing one of our CyberThreat sensors on your network, Cigent can give you an assessment of the current threats we see on your network, and give you a rock solid platform on how to defend and block these threats.


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Detect Current Threats

The Cigent for Networks CyberThreat Sensor watches all the traffic that comes into and goes out of your network. Every packet is scrutinized and when a threat is detected, the system blocks all communcations to the external threat and logs all the traffic for more advanced analyitcs.

Discover Risky User Behaviors

In addition to detecting current threats, the Cigent for Networks CyberThreat sensor also detects abnormal, dangerous and other user behaivors that go against company policies, like the use of unauthorized remote access software, cloud file sharing software, dark web access, plaintext passwords useage, etc. 

Advanced Analytics for Threats

The Cigent for Networks platform utilizes both advances mathmatical analysis and machine learning algoriths to detect abnormal malware behaivor, malware beacons, domain generation algorithms, odd DNS request and more!

Real Time Threat Intelligence

One of the advantages of the C4N platform is that is has the ability to ingest and deliver “Threat Intelligence” data. This data is gathered from thousands of public, private and government sources (or “feeds”). These feeds are gathered into platform, and sent to Cigent’s Threat Relevance Engine, which ranks and contextualizes the threat intelligence data and feeds. Then, only the most relevant indicators are sent to our on-premise Cigent for Networks appliance.

Hunt for up-to-the-minute Threats 

Because the Cigent for Network appliance is a Network Security Monitoring (NSM) device, it logs all flow data in and out of the network. This gives us the ability to search that data for known “Indicators of Compromise (IOCs). This allows for the hunting of compromised systems when new, unknown IOCs are released or discovered by an incident response.

CyberThreat Automation

Cyber threats cause a plethora of alerts that are generated on a minute by minute basis. This is where our automation platform comes into play. By utilizing automation, the C4N platform collects, analyzes and blocks threats as they occur. This allows our analysts to only respond to items that are of particular interest due to an aggregation of behaviors, rather than responding to every alert that is generated from the system. Our platform let’s computers do what they do best, and allows the analysts to concentrate on the real problems.

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